Sunday School

                                                       Living Stones


Living Stones Sunday Group meet during the Sunday morning Eucharist service

              for fun, games, bible stories and crafts.  Ages range from 3-14.

           All volunteer helpers are DRS checked and are church members.

A typical lesson begins at 10.30 am and as the children arrive we will have a chat about how their week has been or if they have done anything particularly interesting that week.

The children love to talk about themselves and what they have been up to. It’s great to get to know them!

We then go through our lesson, which can either be from the teacher notes provided, or it may be something which we have prepared during the week to tie in with a particular theme, such as harvest, or thanksgiving. It can be a story or a little play the children act out and then usually a craft item is made for the children to take home and share.

Family members are very welcome to drop off their children and join in the church service as the children come in to join the end of the service at around 11.10 am, to receive a blessing at the altar and to share with the congregation what they have been doing in the club that morning.

So if you are looking for a fun, relaxing and warm Christian atmosphere for your

                                children, please drop in one Sunday or

                      contact Rev. Canon Huw Mosford for further details.