Holy Baptism or Christening – English


When baptised, a person becomes a member of the Church, he or she becomes part of the family of God and finds
there is a sense of belonging, belonging to a community of Christians which is worldwide and all embracing and in
which everyone is welcome and can find a home.
The Church is not just a special building in your town or village but a community of people who are united together to
serve our Lord Jesus Christ. They offer a close and supportive community in which your children or godchildren can
grow up as part of Christ’s living body.
Baptism is a beginning not an end. It marks the start of the Christian life. Newly-born babies need love, care and
attention as they grow up. A newly-baptised person also needs nurture to grow into a mature Christian. This is why
the role of parents and godparents is so important.
In the baptism service parents and godparents promise that the child will be brought up as a Christian to know and
experience a living faith.
In the service parents and godparents make vows on behalf of the child, who later renews them at confirmation.
The vows are:
to turn away from evil
to believe and trust in God
to live in obedience to God’s will
They also agree:
to take part in Christian worship with the child
to teach Christian faith and practice to the child
to make sure the child is encouraged to be confirmed
to pray regularly for the child
And so a partnership is formed between God’s family and your family.


How many Godparents are needed?
At least two, one Godfather and one Godmother.
Who can be a Godparent?
The Church requires that Godparents must be baptised Christians and it is desirable that they should be regular
communicants of the Church in Wales or a Church in Communion with it.
When choosing Godparents it is important that they should be people who will carry out their duties responsibly.


Please complete the Baptism application form and return it to your parish priest. They may also want to talk to you about what is involved in baptism and will also answer any queries you may have about baptism.

                                            A prayer for the Family
                       Heavenly Father, we thank you that we are part of your family.
                           Help us to bring up our children to know and love you.
                                       Through Jesus Christ our lord.