Hall Hire

We have Halls at both Nolton and Coity that are available for hire. Please contact the Parish Office for more information.

Nolton Hall

The Hall at Nolton is modern, well equipped, compliant with Disabled requirements, and has excellent kitchen facilities.

With one large hall (Oldcastle), a smaller room with capacity of around 35 people (Dunraven), and three more intimate meeting rooms, we have something to meet every need.

To hire a room for a single session, on a permanent basis, or anything in between, contact Allie at the Parish Office (weekdays 10am – 1pm): 01656 667690 / Email


The ‘Oldcastle’ Room


The ‘Dunraven’ Room


The ‘Pendre’ Room

Coity Hall

The Hall at Coity is smaller (max capacity 65 seated), but recently refurbished with many modern facilities.

For information on hiring rates, please contact the Parish Office.