In Brief: A History of St. Illtyd’s Church, Llanharry

Source: A History of St. Illtyd’s Church – Mr. David Francis (2004)

The present building dates back to 1868 when the old church was knocked down and completely rebuilt. There are, however, several features such as the font and the chancel arch that can be dated to pre-Reformation times. We also know that there was a Norman Church here and in all probability an even earlier place of worship.

I lay my head to rest
and in doing so
lay at your feet
the faces I have seen,
the voices I have heard,
the words I have spoken,
the hands I have shaken,
the service I have given,
the joys I have shared,
the sorrows revealed,
I lay them at your feet
and in doing so
lay my head to rest.

[Celtic prayer]