The Parochial Church Council

About the PCC and how St Michael’s is looked after

The Parochial Church Council is the primary body involved in the running of the parish and meets about four times a year after evensong. It consists of the vicar, churchwardens and a number of elected members.

It forms an official, elected body that shares responsibility for the parish with the vicar and provides an opportunity for parishioners to contribute to the running and direction of the parish. The operation and structure of the PCC is covered by regulations issued by the Church of Wales.

Elections for membership of the PCC are held at the Annual Easter Vestry Meeting, which must take place on or before the 30th April. Nomination sheets for membership of the PCC may be found at the back of the Church several weeks before the Easter Vestry. All persons whose names are entered on the Electoral Roll are entitled to vote and to stand for election.

The PCC for 2014/15 are:

Priest in Charge:- the Reverend Elaine Jenkyns
Curate:- the Reverend Stephen Jenkyns

Vicar’s Warden & secretary to the PCC:- Mrs. Trudy Knowles

People’s Warden: Mr. Gwynne Williams

Appointed Members

Mrs Arneta Bendall Co-Treasurer & Covenant/Gift Aid Secretary

Mrs Viv. Bowyer

Mr Dyfrig Jones

Mrs Beryl Leyshon

Mrs Pauline Mills Co-Treasurer

Mr Thomas Huw Morgans

Mr David Whitelock

Mrs Lynne Williams


These are two parishioners who work closely with the vicar and have the authority of senior officers of the PCC.

The Vicar’s Warden is appointed by the Vicar.

The People’s Warden is by nomination and election at the Easter Vestry

Easter Vestry

This meeting is like an “AGM” and takes place after evensong in March or April each year and provides an opportunity for parishioners to hear about the work of St. Michaels and to ask questions. The annual accounts are presented.

Electoral Roll

This is an official list of the members of the congregation of St. Michaels over the age of 16.