The Parish of Newcastle

S. Illtyd’s. The ancient parish and church of Bridgend, set high above the town adjacent to the castle from which we derive our title. Relaxed but traditional catholic worship is at our core and a warm and friendly “family” atmosphere is found in these ancient prayer-soaked walls. Whoever you are, you will be welcomed here.

About the church

“Newcastle Church”

The Church-in-Wales is part of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church which has millions of faithful members around the globe. Many people mistakenly think we Anglicans are protestant. This is not so. If you read the Book of Common Prayer (the ‘official’ book of services for use in our churches) you will not see the word protestant once but the word Catholic is found many times in its pages. At the Reformation we became the ‘official’ Re-formed Catholic Church and retained the orders of Bishop, Priest and Deacon and all the rites and sacraments of The Church (Baptism, Eucharist / Mass, Confirmation, Holy Matrimony, Healing, Confession and Ordination / Holy Orders). A Christian is a Baptised person who attends Church worship regularly, making communion in obedience to Christ’s command and who emulates the example of Jesus in praising the Father in the company of the faithful.

There has been worship on this site for almost 900 years (the first recorded priest was  Fr Gilbert in 1153). Though language and ritual has changed in that period, the intention is the same as it was at the Last Supper –  to come together to eat and drink Christ’s Body & Blood as He said we must. Think about that for a moment. That means “solitary / individual faith” is NOT what He wants from us.

As you walk about this lovely building, you can almost feel the prayers that have echoed around the walls for nine centuries.

If you would like to share in worship here you would be made very welcome; A Weekly News Sheet in the church shows the times of the Masses and other services offered here. Occasionally there are also services of prayer for healing, which involves anointing with Holy Oil – again the Weekly Sheet will carry details.

If you live in Newcastle, Cefn Glas, Bryntirion or Broadlands etc then you’ll find S. Illtyd’s is the church chosen by your neighbours as their “spiritual home”. Regardless of your location you are invited to come to S. Illtyd’s to receive God’s grace and help in the sacraments of marriage and baptism; you may also receive the Church’s help at a time when a funeral is required. For many people, that (sadly) is all they know of the Church – but that is a tiny part of our reason for existing. We are not here to provide two or three services in a lifetime, we are here to walk with each other through all of our lives’ pilgrimages; to encourage one another as we try to offer fitting worship to our Creator and Redeemer and to let all people feel His love through our prayer and the work of our hands. There is a true sense of being a part of a family here – God’s family – which may often be greater than the sense of fellowship we receive in our own homes. As Jesus said, ‘Anyone who does the will of my Father is my brother and sister’.

Maybe in the past you’ve looked into the church for a special reason or you may have just been curious; you may have been seeking shade or shelter from the rain! Or perhaps you’ve never been inside your church. Whichever, please make time to come in, be still and listen for God’s message to you; try to discern His presence in the stillness of this, His house.. your house. Feel free to read any of the books and magazines provided for the use of all visitors. Please do not leave without offering thanks to God for His Church on Earth and for those who maintain worship here in S. Illtyd’s, Newcastle, Bridgend. If you have any questions or require any help with anything at all, you will find a member of the congregation on hand. If the Parish Priest (Vicar) is not in church, he can be contacted using the information on the leaflets and notice board at the church or on the Church-in-Wales’ website. We hope you visit us soon.

Service Times

First Sunday
10.30 Parish Mass
Second Sunday
10.30 Parish Mass
Third Sunday
10.30 Parish Mass
Fourth Sunday
10.30 Parish Mass
Fifth Sunday
10.30 Parish Mass

Other Services

Tuesday 7pm Worship

Wednesday 9.30am Holy Eucharist

Opening Times

Public Transport


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