The Parish of Newton Nottage, Porthcawl

The Parish of Newton Nottage, Porthcawl is a seaside parish on the West Coast of Wales

About the church

The Church exists for only one thing-to share the gospel, the Good News about Jesus Christ. It is made up of people, not stones. The Church building is there as a resource for Christians. It is a place where they meet together to listen to God’s word in the Bible, to be taught the faith, to receive Holy Communion and to pray, ask forgiveness and give thanks. After sharing in these resources and in the social life of the church, they go out to try and live Christ’s life in the world, a life which aims to love everyone and condemn no-one. The building is useful, but the Church existed before Christians had permission to build places to worship: it is convenient but not essential.

Service Times

First Sunday
10.00,Sung Mass
Second Sunday
10.00,Sung Mass
Third Sunday
08.00,Mass,10.00,Sung Mass
Fourth Sunday
10.00,Sung Mass
Fifth Sunday
10.00,Sung Mass

Other Services


Opening Times

Public Transport


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