Celebrating 150 years… Yn dathlu 150 mlynedd

In 2019 we are celebrating 150 years of St Catherine’s being opened. 

Looking for our guide to reading Bible passages for 40 days leading up to St Catherine’s Day?  find it here The Bible in 40 steps for 40 weekdays  and see more info below.

 We have some social events planned to help raise funds for the celebration:



St Cath’s Church Committee would like to invite you to get  involved so that with your help, we can celebrate our 150th anniversary, bless our community and raise people’s awareness that the church is here to help them.  


1 Communal art project

The Breathing Space group that meets on Thursday afternoons are creating panels of art to commemorate the year in an inclusive way.  the artwork is nearly complete, and folk work on it on Thursday afternoons.


2.  Church Flag

We’ve not had a flag at the flagpole for many years and at the celebration service on 7th Sept we repaired the flagpole and now fly our new logo for the diocesan vision.


3. ‘Celebration on 7th September 3pm

The church opened on 7th Sept 1869 and we had our service in church at 3pm on the 7th Sept.  It involved lots of people connected to St Cath’s in various ways, looking at where God is leading us. The bishop is attended and weteamed up with Sainsbury’s who are also 150 years old, who are provided the tea afterwards.  Interestingly, the bishop at the original opening encouraged the new church to reach the poor with the gospel of grace, something we take seriously today.


4. We are buying shares in our local wood at Graigwen to celebrate our environment, donating a chair to represent us.

This is a local initiative to prevent development of the forest and to allow better use for the community..  We have a silver Eco Church award and will continue to encourage stewardship of Creation.  We have raised £1,250



5. Old Parish boundary prayers

It has proved rather difficult to determine the exact outline of the original parish boundary, but there are several good vantage points from Graigwen woods to see the original parish, so we had a time of prayer up there in the summer.

6. Messy Church 150 celebration

On Sept 28th our Messy church celebrated our 150 years with the theme of CELEBRATION and REMEMBERING..



7. A service of blessing for those connected through marriages and christenings at St Catherine

On Sunday 4th December at 3.30pm we are inviting back anyone who has had a special service at the church for themselves or family members.

8. The bible in 40 steps

We are using the Bible Society plan to read key passages about God’s great plan for the world.  you can download it here.  We use it on weekdays from Mon Sept 30th for 8 weeks up to St Catherine’s Day on Nov 25th.  Every Sunday night we have a gathering at 6pm in church to ponder on what we’ve read and what God is saying to us.

The Bible in 40 steps for 40 weekdays


9. St. Cath’s historical guide smartphone app

We are creating an interactive guide to the church with images and soundbites created by local groups and schools..  This will present information  about  the  church over time and  how we use the building today.

11 Llandaff Diocesan emblem stained glass window

The emblems of the 4 original Welsh dioceses are in round windows in church, but Llandaff was removed for the new entrance and never reinstated due to problems with the architects drawing in the foyer. This project will reinstate this stained glass.




Jesus has been the centre of our worship here for 150 years and we can all be part of these expressions of our adoration.

 Please speak to any of the church staff or St Cath’s church committee to explore ways in which you could be involved

Diolch! Thank you!