Celebrating 150 years… Yn dathlu 150 mlynedd

In 2019 we are celebrating 150 years of St Catherine’s being opened. 

 We have some social events planned to help raise funds for the celebration:




















St Cath’s Church Committee would like to invite you to get  involved so that with your help, we can celebrate our 150th anniversary, bless our community and raise people’s awareness that the church is here to help them.  Look through these events and contact the organisers to be part of our celebrations.  


1 Communal art project for SPRING

Committee at present – John, Breathing Space group

John Evans from 6pm service is already meeting with church and Connect groups to create a piece (pieces) of art to commemorate the year in an inclusive way.  Anyone can join in and one suggestion is to paint a mural up the walls in the stairwell.

2. Church Flag

Committee at present – David TL.

We have a church flagpole but who has seen a flag up there

3. ‘Come to church’ event in SUMMER

Committee at present – Gill, Peter, Mandy, Jane, Peter M

An event for us to bless people.  We can invite back those who’ve had a special service at St Catherine’s over the years like christening or weddings, and we can invite others to come.  It will be like a thanksgiving and blessing and could be a Sunday morning service.

4. Schools’ musical evening

Committee at present – Trish, Sharon

Each school dress up from a different era and sing songs to celebrate the 150 years the church has been open. Fundraising event – sell tickets to parents etc. Event to take place in the summer term of 2019.

5. Lasting Memorial in town

Committee at present – Julie, David Carver

The church to give money for a contribution to a community project like a bench in bandstand (which is being renovated) or newly developed area in town.

6. Old Parish boundary prayer walk

Committee at present – David Carver, Eleanor.

A prayer walk around the old parish boundary with the chance to sharing our stories of faith with people we meet.  This could take place over a few weeks or just be one event.

7. Celebration Civic Service in AUTUMN

Committee at present—Esther & others

Saturday 7th Sept at 3pm, followed by tea, celebrating connections with the community today, including Air Cadets &schools so each group that ‘s part of St Cath’s or Connect can be involved.   The last vicar Marcus has composed a hymn for us.

8. Messy Church 150 celebration

Committee at present – The Messy Church team.

Our regular Messy Format around the themes of our anniversary on Sept 28th

9. New Testament in 40 days

Committee at present – see Peter, Terry,

Use Bible Society app to watch a dramatic presentation on Luke for 40 days  – church members commit to do this individually (approx. 28 minutes a day). We will use this on the 40 days running up to St Catherine’s Day  25 Nov with Facebook group, reflections in services and prayer groups.

10. St. Cath’s historical guide smartphone app

Committee at present – Peter, Jason, Jane, Pat McKenna, Pat Williams and Sharon (liaising with Iestyn Carver for technical support, David Gwyer from museum and Laura Dober from Ponty High School)   An interactive guide to the church with images and soundbites created by local groups and schools. We need to apply to Heritage Lottery Fund in Spring, to launch in November. Perhaps include a child-friendly variation and   leaflets for those without smartphone access.

11 Llandaff Diocesan emblem stained glass window

Committee at present – David TL

The emblems of the 4 original dioceses are in round windows in church, but Llandaff was removed for the new entrance and never reinstated due to problems with the architects drawing in the foyer. This project will reinstate this stained glass above the foyer entrance door.


Jesus has been the centre of our worship here for 150 years and we can all be part of these expressions of our adoration.

 Please speak to any of the church staff or St Cath’s church committee to explore ways in which you could be involved

Diolch! Thank you!