Support our Foodbank campaign

Pontypridd Foodbank has been in place since 2012 in the parish and in the last year we gave out 2020 emergency food parcels and this included 600 children as beneficiaries.

We find that statistic appalling and want to end this example of child poverty.

Trussel Trust who oversee our Foodbank continue to give evidence that government policies such as the way Universal Credit is being delivered results in more children in need of Foodbank supplies.

We are asking people to colour in a picture of an empty plate so we can deliver these to our MP and AM.   They are supportive of the need for reform and we are inviting them to put these pictures up in their Ponty office to remind them of the children affected by poverty living in the town area.

Please download the image below and print it out for yourself or others in the family to colour in. Then please take a colour photo of each design and email this to for us to print and use.  Or you can drop off the oringal at St Catherine’s church or to a member of staff.

There is no need for food or comments on the picture.