Stained Glass windows at St Catherine’s

The windows on the wall facing
you as you enter the church (lit. north) depict Celtic Christianity in South
Wales  There are three other sets of
windows depicting Celtic Christianity in South Wales, namely at Llandaff
Cathedral,  the Parish Church in Neath
and St. Elvans, Aberdare.




Window 1


St. Paul preaching toe the
Gentiles.  ’I will go unto the Gentiles’
(Celts more for St. Paul than St. Peter).


Caractacus  – 
Prisoner in Rome  (Caractacus was
converted by St. Paul).   It is said that
some of Caractacus’ family returned to Wales bringing Christianity with them.


Dedicated October 19th
1878 to Sir William Thomas Lewis Bart. 
(Lewis Merthyr Colliery)  for his
merciful escape from the railway accident at Pontypridd.




Window 2


British Bishops’ Council of
Arles A. D. 314


Illtyd at Llantwit Major
(490/500 A.D.)  teaching Padarn,  Teilo, Cadog and David.


Dedicated 1912 by Gladys and
Evelyn Ross.




Window 3            St. David preaching at Llanddewi


Dedicated Easter 1903 to the
children of the Parish.




Window 4


Archbishop Baldwin preaching
the crusade in Wales.


Bishop Morgan delivering Welsh
Bible to people.


Dedicated October 27th
1907 in memory of William Seaton of Jacobsdal.




Window 5


Preaching deliverance to the
captives (Boer/Zulu Wars?)


All Nations shall come and
worship before me.’


Dedicated 1901 to the glory of
God and in memory of Sgt. Thomas Henry Perks of the 3rd VB Welsh
Regiment St. Michael and All Angels.




            The window facing the main altar features the four patron
Saints of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales and the remaining show various
scenes from the Bible.