money and giving

We believe that God is good and that He is our Provider and Protector; so it follows that we give to church because it is part of our worship.

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By working together we at St Catherine’s Parish are involved in ministry every day of the year, throughout the day through providing worship, witness & fellowship week in, week out. We seek to care for all in our communities, being there at the most important times of our lives. At the same time, we are responsible for maintaining our church buildings which many see as integral historic parts of our community and resources for hire.

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As part of our budget, we support local project at home and overseas as we seek to share in the gifts that we have. If you would like to give to church to enable our parish life to continue and develop, then please contact the Treasurer for more information. We encourage UK tax payers to Gift Aid any donations. This means the parish, as a registered charity, will receive an extra 25p from the government through tax relief for every £1 donated.

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The Church in Wales suggests that everyone who comes to church should aim to give 5% of their income to the parish and 5% to other charitable causes that extends God’s Kingdom. ¬†This level of giving allows us to listen to how we feel God is calling us and enables us to follow these plans.





For those who attend church we encourage regular and realistic giving. The most efficient and easiest way is to set up a direct debit through a Church in Wales scheme called GIFT DIRECT. Please contact the Treasurer for details or download a gift direct form on this web site. We like people using Gift Direct because it is simple, you are personally thanked each year, any Gift Aid is recovered automatically, you are encouraged to review your giving annually.


Many thanks for your support. Diolch.