Students are welcomed to take as much of a role as they feel is right for them. So some students lead music in worship. might preach or be involved in our mid-week groups and are trained up to be part of Street Pastors and Foodbank.

We make an effort to help students connect with local people to help them settle into the town if that is what they might like, and we are always happy to support people looking to know more about the Christian faith or who are facing their own challenges.


We’d love to help you settle in, so get in touch with us if you’d like any support

Parish Office: 01443 492033


Tipyn bach o’n stori ni – a bit of our story…

We are one of several the Church in Wales in the area (this is the Church of England, but in Wales), and we are committed to working alongside other church denominations to see God’s kingdom extended in our locality. We meet in a large church with a huge spire (and town clock) bang in the centre of town and this is linked to our church hall that is a hub of community activity, fun and service.

We believe that God wants us to enjoy life, with all its challengers and we particularly want to see folk bring their spirituality into their everyday life. We know that everyone is different and that God calls us in various ways to serve him, so we welcome our diversity and are open for people to contribute to our shared life. We love to see people put their skills to use and encourage everyone to service in some small way to demonstrate the corporate nature of being church.

We know God has given us a vision to serve the local community with a special emphasis on working to raise people out of poverty and open up to welcome all in need. This means we have over 800 people come through our doors each week and we’re active with other church in debt work, job clubs, street pastors and Foodbank, support for families, support out of addictions, life skills and discipling groups for all ages. We’ve develop a great community cafe on site and our free wifi and computers there draw a great buzz as people drop in for chats and yummy food.

But it is worship and prayer that is the heart of our life and we mix modern passion for Jesus with some structure and tradition that creates a blend of approaches as we gather together. Our Sunday pattern of worship is very diverse and we have a regular focus on healing and prayer ministry as well as simple service of quiet reflection. We enjoy up to the minute worship songs and celebrate great hymns. Most of our services are in English, but we use Welsh too.

The church life in Ponty is a wonderful cooperation from different congregations as we live to see God’s Kingdom extend, so enjoy looking around the various fellowship and we would love to offer you a welcome here at St Cath’s.