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Service for 4th Sunday after Trinity – 5th July 2020

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Posted by St Mary's Church, St Fagan's on Sunday, July 5, 2020

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St F Service – Trinity 4- FB Broadcast 5 July 2020


Regular Weekly Sheet and Notices – 5th July 2020

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St F – weekly sheet 5th July 2020 FINAL


Order for Midday Prayer in Ordinary Time

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st fagans – order for midday prayer in Ordinary Time – 2020 (1)


Order for Evening Prayer in June – September 2020

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St Fagans – an order for Evening Prayer – June – Sept 2020 (1)



Service for 3rd Sunday after Trinity – Sunday 28th June 2020

Posted by St Mary's Church, St Fagan's on Sunday, June 28, 2020

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St F Service – Trinity 3 – FB Broadcast 28 June 2020


Service for 2nd Sunday after Trinity – Sunday 21st June 2020

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Posted by St Mary's Church, St Fagan's on Sunday, June 21, 2020

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st fagans service – Trinity 2 – FB Broadcast 21June 2020


Service for 1st Sunday after Trinity – Sunday 14th June 2020

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Posted by St Mary's Church, St Fagan's on Sunday, June 14, 2020

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st fagans service – Trinity 1 – FB Broadcast 14 June 2020 (3)


Service for Trinity Sunday – Sunday 7th June 2020

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st fagans service – Trinity Sunday- FB Broadcast 7 June 2020 (1)


Service for Day of Pentecost Sunday 31st May 2020

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Posted by St Mary's Church, St Fagan's on Sunday, May 31, 2020

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st fagans service – Day of Pentecost- FB Broadcast 31 May 2020 (1)





Service for Sunday after Ascension 24th May 2020

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st fagans service – Sunday after Ascension- FB Broadcast 24 May 2020 (1)


Service for 6th Sunday of Easter 17th May 2020


Posted by St Mary's Church, St Fagan's on Sunday, May 17, 2020


Service for 5th Sunday of Easter 10th May 2020

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st fagans service – Easter 5 – FB Broadcast 10 May 2020 (1)


Service for 4th Sunday of Easter 3rd May 2020

Vocations Sunday

Posted by St Mary's Church, St Fagan's on Sunday, May 3, 2020


Service for 3rd Sunday of  Easter 26th April 2020

Posted by St Mary's Church, St Fagan's on Sunday, April 26, 2020


Service for 2nd Sunday of Easter – 19th April 2020

Posted by St Mary's Church, St Fagan's on Sunday, April 19, 2020


Easter Day Service

Posted by St Mary's Church, St Fagan's on Sunday, April 12, 2020




Dear Friends,

Suddenly, in less than a week, we have all moved into strange and uncharted territory – for churches, as for the rest of the nation. Who could have imagined, as we set out on this Year of Pilgrimage in January, that our various travels, and shared common journey, would take a turn like this!   But “The Lord is good; his steadfast love endures for ever, and his faithfulness to all generations”.   We will one day emerge, and stand together, on the other side of this Coronavirus.

I hope you’ve been able, in the last few days, to find new means of communication with family and loved ones, and/or to revert to the old familiar ones – telephone and post – to make sure you’re in regular contact with each other, and can secure what you and they need, by way of everyday supplies and care? A steep learning curve for us all.

Official messages – about the Coronavirus, and the special measures now in place – have come out from the Church in Wales Bishops generally, and from Bishop June to all church members in Llandaff Diocese. In case you haven’t already seen them, I attach copies herewith – and these are now the basic rules for all our church life and activity from now on, until further notice. So in the light of these, it is up to each parish to set up systems for communications and practical help, which best suit our own communities and situations.


For St Mary’s:-

  • The Standing Committee –Phil Watkins and Lynette Sanders (Churchwardens), Margaret Jones (PCC Secretary), Celia Watchman (looking after our expanded parish admin), Colin and myself – have met to set up the details below, and will do so at least once a week electronically, from now on. Our phone numbers and email addresses are on the new Weekly Notices – first of which will also appear today. And you can contact any of us at any time – for help or information, or to make sure that particular needs are known, and/or included as intercessions in our daily prayers.
      • St Mary’s Church Building – remains Open, as always, between 9am and 6pm every day, for private prayer – but there will be No Services. Everyone is encouraged to publicise this information among all our friends and neighbours in the community, and to make use of it ourselves as much as we wish – just remembering to be scrupulous in observing hygiene rules as you enter and leave the building, and keeping proper social distance from anyone else there. Leaflets and other papers may be collected and/or used in church, but please ensure that any books or papers that you touch, you also take away with you!


    • Prayer at Midday – will be offered by just one person, in church Every Day. So our needs and concerns, and that of the whole parish community, can be brought before God. We shall pray for strength and encouragement, and especially for all those who will be bearing the heaviest burdens and anxieties, as this crisis unfolds. To have someone or some situation remembered in prayers, please leave a slip on the intercessions board, or contact Archdeacon Peggy. And speak to Peggy also, if you would like to volunteer to come and say Midday Prayer, alone in church, on some days in future.
      • For Each Sunday, from here on, we will make available a Weekly Sheet, including a short form of Service of the Word, with readings and prayers, and an outline Reflection or Homily, together with any essential parish news. Some hard copies will be placed in church for collection from Saturday morning onwards. But most people will find it easier to download it from our parish website, Facebook page, WhatsApp group, or email circulation list. And we hope to post a videolink each Sunday, at 10.30am, where people can follow the service in real time online, and we can thus pray and worship alongside each other.


      • Each Sunday Evening, at 7.00pm – Bishop June is encouraging Everyone across our diocese, to set aside some time, and come together in prayer. Some prayer resources can be found on the Diocese of Llandaff website, or we could use our own weekly sheet, or just spend a period of time in a suitable space, to be quiet with God. It would be good to know that many of St Mary’s members will be joining in with that.
        • This Sunday Evening (Mothering Sunday), at 7.00pm – we are specially invited to join with all Christians across the UK, to mark this first ever Sunday without any public gatherings for worship, by Lighting a Candle and placing it in your house window as you pray – a sign to the world that our faith is strong, our God is alive in Jesus Christ, and together with him and each other, we are caring for the needs of all those around us, and together we shall endure, for as long as this crisis requires.


        • Staying in Touch with Each Other – It is wonderful, and reassuring, to know that most of our congregation and community are very well supported, and already watching out for each other. Thank you for all that you are doing to make this happen. In addition to that, we shall be setting up extra arrangements to stay in touch with people, particularly among St Mary’s congregation and friends:-

        Weekly Phone Calls – just to make sure that people are OK, and have the essentials that they need.   If you could volunteer to make a regular weekly phone call to a small number on our congregational list, please let Colin or Archdeacon Peggy know.

        Emails / Social Media: – We hope that many of us will find a way to link up across the parish, by at least one of the following means:-
           – Website:
           –   Facebook: St Mary’s Church St Fagans
        –   WhatsApp Group: to follow soon – I will invite all those for whom I have email addresses, but do get in touch if you don’t hear soon, but wish to be included.
        –   Email Circulation Group: to follow soon, for those who do not have social media accounts.

        Just think of it as a home learning opportunity – to expand your online capability, and while away some of the long hours that lie ahead …..

        • Continuing to Support the Work of Church – Our hope is that, as far as possible, our life as a church community will continue, and be sustained, even without gatherings on Sundays and for social occasions. And it is even more important, through these difficult times, that we continue to support and serve our neighbours in the wider community, as well as ourselves.

        Here are some of the ways You might be able to help:-

        • Cardiff Foodbank – will always be grateful for money donations, even if you can’t provide physical items during these weeks. Their needs are even more urgent. Details are on their website
        • Citizens Cymru – are looking for volunteers, who could in the next week, make a number of phone calls or online chats, to take part in their Listening exercise. A series of open questions to local people, to discover what particular needs are affecting our communities in this immediate time of crisis. See their website, or contact Peggy, if you can help.
        • Christian Aid – are having a creative re-think about how Christian Aid Week can be organised and publicised this year. There will be no door to door, or shop, collections. In the meantime, to support their continuing work across the world and in places struck by Coronavirus, please do consider if you could make, or increase, your support for them by making an additional online donation. Details on their website.
        • St Mary’s – Ourselves: please spare a thought also for our own parish needs, and our ongoing obligations. They continue throughout these weeks, even though we have no means of fundraising through events or the Sunday collections. If you don’t already support the parish by regular direct debit or standing order, please could you consider beginning to do so now, to meet urgent needs? Or perhaps making one-off donations another way, by cheque or bank transfer, to help St Mary’s to see our way through. Contact Peggy, or Pam West (Treasurer), on 02920 658 524 russel.west08@ntlworld.comFinally ….   Thank You to everyone, for the magnificent way in which we have proved that we can adjust and move into crisis mode, while still caring for, and maintaining, all that is most precious in the life of our church. We shall discover lots of new and good things about each other over these coming months – and no doubt, also, about our faith and the power of God who sustains us. Just like all Pilgrims, who step together into the unknown …Keep safe, and God bless,



All enquiries

To Enquire about a Wedding, or a Baptism …… To Ask about church activities in this parish, and how you can be involved ….. To Raise any question about the Christian faith, and how you could find out more ……

Please contact:- the Ven Peggy Jackson on: 02920 567 393 or email:


Pastoral Declaration of the Bench of Bishops of the Church in Wales – COVID-19
At such a time as this, and during this holy season of Lent, we are mindful of the Good Shepherd, who laid down his life for his sheep. We are holding all who are anxious, all who are unwell, and all who are grieving in our prayers, asking that the presence of the risen Christ may be near to us, wherever we may be, throughout the difficult months ahead.

We are issuing this pastoral declaration in light of new governmental advice on Coronavirus (COVID-19). On the evening of Monday 16 March 2020 the Prime Minister advised that all non-essential social contact and all unnecessary travel should cease. During questions in the House of Commons the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care confirmed that the guidance relating to non-essential social contact includes faith groups and religious gatherings.

Public Worship and Gatherings
All church services and gatherings for public worship should no longer take place. This includes regular Sunday services and weekday services, as well as occasional offices (save as set out below). Study groups and other parochial events that gather people together should also no longer take place. We are awaiting further information from the government, which will help us all to measure and reflect upon the gravity and potential duration of this cessation. However, given the information we have available to us at present, the ceasing of public worship and gathering is the prudent course of action.

Vestry Meetings should not take place for the time being. Detailed guidance will follow as soon as possible.



Presentation of Christ in the Temple



Food, food glorious food….we celebrated Epiphany in style through our worship and lovely breakfast and lunch