Graves and Inscriptions

A survey of the Graves and Inscriptions in St Mary’s churchyard was completed in April 2017.

In order to find a particular grave please refer to the alphabetical list of names and the list of grave inscriptions.  As well there is a map of the plots (there will be a larger version of the plan available in the Church).  Each plot is numbered and refers to the plot number in the alphabetical list of names and inscriptions lists.  A copy of the lists and the map is also available in the Church.

These lists show the burials and cremations that can currently be identified in the Churchyard and will not list graves that have deteriorated and disappeared.  Burials between 1689 and 1966 are recorded in the Burial Registers (with the exception of a gap at the turn of the 17th century) and can be consulted at the Glamorgan Archives. If there is a query about an ancestor not listed we will try to help, in which case contact Celia Watchman

Grave Names

Grave Inscriptions


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