Through the grace of the Holy Spirit we seek to be a Christian community celebrating and witnessing to the Good News of Jesus Christ in worship and action, through:

·  Valuing all its members as part of the Body of Christ and nurturing their spiritual growth.

·  Praying and working for the unity of all Christians.

·  Reaching out in compassion to anyone in need.

·  Seeking to build up community life in Pentrebane and Fairwater.

·  Helping to work for justice and peace throughout the world.

·  Respecting the natural environment.

·  Recognising God at work in all people and every part of creation.

·  To develop St Peter?s Community Hall and Grounds in such a way that they can be used by as wide a cross section of the community as possible.

·  To invite all users and all interested members of the local and wider community to participate in sustaining and developing the Hall and Grounds as an important facility for the area.

·  To work wherever possible in partnership, with individuals, organisations and agencies who share and help to shape this ongoing vision.