A Reflection for 2013


Compassionate God

Open our hearts
that we may feel the breath
and play of your Spirit, 

unclench our hands
that we may reach out to one another
in openness and generosity, 

free our lips
that we may speak
for those whose voices are not heard, 

unblock our ears
to hear the cries of the broken hearted,
and open our eyes
to see Christ in friend and stranger, 

so that in sharing our love and pain,
our poverty and prosperity,
we may move towards that peace and justice
which comes from you
and so be bearers of divine reconciliation.


What’s in a logo?

What can you see?

The boat of the Kingdom

steered by Peter

empowered by Christ’s call,

as symbolized in the keys.

Christ, the captain

 has already travelled the vital journey

from life to death to risen life.

Always up-ahead

pointing the way for all of us.

All around the ship

the fish are still in the swim

of life in the world;

but they don’t travel alone

if only they will follow

they will be guided by the inspiring

lives of countless saints.

They need to keep close to the boat,

for there will be swells as well as calm waters.

And in the centre the cross sail:

the power for the journey

the means to move us on.                          

What’s in our logo?                            

What can you see?