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The New Rectorial Benefice of Barry

Update from Fr Kevin … Recently I announced the good news that our new ministry area is to be formed under the title of the Rectorial Benefice of Barry. A service to celebrate the formation of our new benefice is to be held at All Saints Church on the 29th September when Archbishop Barry will induct and licence the clergy, Fr Ben Andrews will be our new Rector, Fr Robert Parrish and myself will be the Team Vicars, Fr Chris will be our Associate Non-Stipendiary Priest and Peter our Lay Reader. Our retired clergy Fr Edward, Fr Malcolm and Fr Brian will still be helping us to fulfill our ministry as and when they able to do so. This is indeed a new beginning when we shall start afresh in all aspects of parish life and ministry. The clergy shall be meeting on a regular basis to discuss new ways forward for our newly established Parochial Church Council and Church Committees, from finance to social and all other aspects of fund raising, Pastoral Care Visiting and Home Communion. This is an exciting time for us and it will no doubt be challenging for everyone in different ways. But, I pray that we may have the faith, to embrace these new changes in a positive manner, so that we can truly embrace the ‘Ministry of All God’s People’.

Working Party

The Working Party NEEDS YOU!! We meet every Monday evening at 6.30pm … if you are able, please come along and help us. We would truly appreciate any contribution you could make!


Book Club

Please can we have donations of books to enable us to renew our Book Club

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