St Crallo’s Church


East end & altarSt Crallo’s is a Grade 1 listed church, and one of the largest medieval buildings in the area.No one knows why it was built on such a large scale, but we are fortunate that we have been given such a legacy, a beautiful space in which to worship.

Crallo was one of the Celtic Saints (usually dated to the 6th century) and tradition has it that was related to Illtyd, the founder of the monastery at Llantwit Major.

Of course, nothing of the original foundation still stands (as it would have been based on an all timber frame), but we can be sure that there has been a significant Christian presence at the site for around 1500 years.

The present church has its origins i the 13th century, though many parts of it have been enlarged or rebuilt down through the ages.

Notable recent additions include the etched glass at the west end of the church, designed by Frank Roper.

A detailed description of the church is available on request.