1115 and all that

Publication1Ewenny 900 kicks off with 1115 and all that!

An entrancing multi-media performance set the tone for Ewenny 900: a year- long celebration commemorating the laying of the foundation stone at Ewenny Priory. Titled 1115 and all that 900 years of history was condensed into a 90 minute piece which combined fact with fiction, drama with oration and video footage with stills.
Projected 10 feet high onto a screen which filled the nave, the images came to life against a darkness lit only by the flicker of candle-light. Aerial shots of Ewenny Priory and Ogmore Castle provided the audience with breath-taking views; new perspectives of familiar places and landmarks. Music, contemporary with the period, evoked in the first half, a mystical atmosphere of early medieval Wales. A creative interpretation of the role of those artisans who would have laboured on the building of The Priory as well as other figures such as  monk and knight began the second half before a concluding section, reverting firmly to fact brought the listener up to the present day.
The audience had been invited to dress authentically for the occasion; a suggestion embraced by many with enthusiasm. In the interval, mulled wine was served together with savoury sundries themed to the period. There was also an opportunity to listen to a tour of the monastic end given by Dr Eurof Evans, a recognised authority on The Priory’s history.
Written, filmed and performed by members of the Priory Church and local community and performed for two evenings, this was the first event in a whole series including a miscellany of medieval music with Contraband and St Donats Chamber Choir, a Mid-summer concert with Caritas Choir and in conjunction with Ewenny and Corntown Community Council a medieval fair on July 18th. By popular demand 1115 and all that will be repeated in November for those who because of high demand were unable to get tickets.
Allison Felton

Photographs of 1115 and all that can be found at Photo Gallery