The Story of Ewenny Priory Church

“The best-preserved example of a Norman priory church in South Wales”

(Malcolm Thurlby Romanesque Architecture and Sculpture in Wales 2006);

“The most complete and impressive Norman building in Glamorgan”

(John Newman The Buildings of Wales: Glamorgan 1995);

“A remarkable example of pure Norman work throughout”

(Geoffrey Orrin Medieval Churches of the Vale of Glamorgan 1988).

Among its unique features are its fortifications, the only surviving Romanesque wall-painting in Wales, and the 21st century Pulpitum Screen by Alexander Beleschenko. Just as important as its historical and architectural significance is the fact that the worship of God has taken place continually in this building for 890 years, and Ewenny Priory Church is very much a place of worship, prayer and witness to faith in the living God today. These pages will give the reader an understanding of the Priory’s history and architecture, and the life of the community of faith past and present that has found peace, strength and hope through this ‘hidden treasure of Wales’.


Later History

Little else is known of the medieval history of the Priory, as the Annals …


  Visitors approaching the Priory along the lane may be forgiven for thinking they …

The Pulpitum Screen

From the time the Priory Church was built, the nave of the parish church …