East Window at St. David’s

Photos & history of window.


StJohnInterior061-East window

This stained-glass window was installed in St. John’s Church, Ogmore Vale in 1948.

It was paid for by the parishioners together with donations as a memorial to those who lost their lives in the Second World War.

The inscription at the bottom of the centre pane is shown below and reads:-

StJohnInterior062-East window inscription


“To the Glory of GOD and in Proud Thanksgiving for those of this Parish who made the great sacrifice ~       1939 – 1945. Rest Eternal Grant to them O Lord”

The last service held at St. John’s Church was on Sunday 29th August 2004. On the 2nd & 3rd of November 2004 the stained glass window was removed from St. John’s Church by Cardiff Glass.

Due to various problems the window was stored at Cardiff Glass for a number of years and in 2011 was installed in St. David’s Church, Wyndham.



The stained glass window that was previously in the east window, and only took up half of the centre pane, has been moved to the west window and will balance the other stained glass window already in the west window. Both these panes came from St. Peter’s Church, Nantymoel.





Centre pane bottom – figure of St. George, who is the patron saint of soldiers.

Centre pane top – figure of Christ in majesty.

Left pane – figure of St. John the Baptist, the patron saint of the church in which it was originally installed.

Right pane – figure of St. David the patron saint of the church in which it now resides.

Emblems – There were three emblems on the window in St. John’s church, one at the top of each pane. The centre emblem of a dove is now in the rose window above the main window at St. David’s church.

The other two emblems at the top of the left and right panes were not able to be used due to the different size of each window. If you look closely you can see the bottom section of these two emblems in the apex of the arch at the top of the left and right panes.

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