Below are the week by week intentions used in the parish during 2014

Please pray for…

28/12/2014 evangelists locally and throughout the world, for our own part in proclaiming the Good News
21/12/2014 all expectant mothers and fathers
14/12/2014 those who suffer as a result of human trafficking, for those who perpetuate this crime
7/12/2014 the Anglican Communion, its unity and diversity
30/11/2014 all who suffer from HIV and AIDS, for those involved in care and research
23/11/2014 young people in the Church that they will be encouraged in their faith and pilgrimage
16/11/2014 the right vision for the Church in Wales to be God’s Church, serving this country
9/11/2014 all who continue to fight for freedom and justice
2/11/2014 those who taught us the faith by word and deed giving thanks to God for them
26/10/2014 Credu Cymru, for Forward in Faith, for better understanding of our diversity of opinion
19/10/2014 Andrew McLaughlin on his ordination and Bethel Baptist Church
12/10/2014 all affected by Ebola, for a swift end to the spread of this virus
5/10/2014 the discussions about being the Church in Pontypridd
28/9/2014 those who announce the Good News from God, those who deliver his message
21/9/2014 those who serve others by voluntary work overseas
14/9/2014 those who find the ordination of women difficult, for God’s guidance in the way ahead
7/9/2014 teachers and pupils beginning a new school year
31/8/2014 victims of road traffic accidents
24/8/2014 International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and Its Abolition [UNESCO]
17/8/2014 those receiving exam results and for their future plans
10/8/2014 those who have been kidnapped and those who wait for their safe return
3/8/2014 peace in Gaza, a lasting peace and freedom for all
27/7/2014 all competing at the Commonwealth Games and those who support them, that it will be a great contest.
20/7/2014 those who travel through our parish, for a safe journey
13/7/2014 the mission to seafarers, for those who minister and those to whom they minister, for all who work at sea
6/7/2014 the newly ordained, that they will faithfully serve those to whom they minister
29/6/2014 those who suffer with Cystic Fibrosis, their carers and pray for advancement in treatment
22/6/2014 the PCC, its members, its decisions, that it will lead the Parish forward in God’s name.
15/6/2014 the unity of the Church as we celebrate the unity of the Trinity
8/6/2014 all who suffer with diabetes, for those involved in research, for a greater awarness of the condition
1/6/2014 world environment day, that we will be better stewards of God’s creation
25/5/2014 peace in the Holy Land, for Christians in the West Bank and Gaza
18/5/2014 Dementia Awareness Week – for the growing numbers suffering from this progressive disease
11/5/2014 those preparing for confirmation – Christine, Hayley and Jessica
4/5/2014 the war in Syria, for a swift and peaceful end to the conflict
27/4/2014 the role of Messy Church in introducing people to God and Church
20/4/2014 a renewed sense of hope for all people
13/4/2014 the desire to walk with Christ through this week
6/4/2014 The Bible Reading Fellowship, 25th anniversary of New Daylights, giving thanks for the help in understanding the Bible better
30/3/2014 chaplains who serve universities and colleges, for the Meeting House at the University of South Wales
23/3/2014 all who are struggling with sin
16/3/2014 the work of the Parish, for those to be elected as wardens and PCC members
9/3/2014 orphans and those who care for them
2/3/2014 the members of the armed services
23/2/2014 the new Dean and for the Cathedral Church and Parish
16/2/2014 all who teach, for schools, colleges and universities
9/2/2014 for the unity of the Church
2/2/2014 children currently suffering child abuse, for those who were abused as children
26/1/2014 peace in Syria, for an end to the killing
19/1/2014 those struggling financially, for the work of Christians Against Poverty
12/1/2014 the Trussell Trust and the Foodbank Network, for all who need their support
5/1/2014 South Sudan, for an end to the violence, that all may find safe shelter, clean water and security.