Future Plans

Future plans for all three areas

  • Further Prayerpod intercessions giving a different dimension to the prayers.
  • Ecumenical Bible Study with Food as the theme to link in with the Foodbank project.
  • Rice Challenge for the 4th time, and then future times after that.
  • Replacing of pews with chairs to make the building more useable by the community.
  • Reusing the wood of the pews to make new storage cupboards.
  • Fitting double glazing to the windows (subject to faculty procedures).
  • Clothes bank which is linked to the Foodbank.
  • Children’s Club to plant the flower bed in the front of the church grounds.
  • Open a Foodbank, based in St Luke’s, but supported by churches and community in the area. Feeding people in short term crisis.
  • Support the sponsorship of PONT cycling initiative to raise money for libraries in Mbale schools.
  • Add more to the parish website.