3. Practical Action in the Church

Taken practical action in the church and/or the church grounds.

  • Put bottles in the toilet cisternĀ  to reduce the amount of water with each flush.
  • Changed the light bulbs to energy saving bulbs where possible.
  • Recycling of tights to Addis Abbaba Fistula Hospital (used to hold bandages in place). This was widely taken up by churches and community and they were over run and ended the appeal.
  • Ongoing articles placed in the parish magazine covering green issues and fairtrade matters. The FAQs were included over a year from the book Planetwise by Dave Bookless (with permission)
  • Jam jars and egg boxes reused. Jams are made and sold in church, the money raised being sent to Teule Hospital and other charities. Free range locally produced eggs also sold in church.
  • At church events there is a stall with jams and eggs being sold.
  • In June 2011 the Children’s Club planted tomato seeds.
  • A bench which had been donated was moved from inside to outside enabling people to sit and enjoy the grounds.
  • Annual Christmas shopping trip to Fairdos shop in Cardiff – a chance to buy some Christmas presents or gifts for yourself and support fairtrade.