Baptisms, Weddings & Funerals


Baptism or Christening or Thanksgiving is often when parents want to bring their baby or young child to church to say thank you to God and ask for his blessing on their child. It is a special occasion for the family and for the family of God, the Church.

You can read more information on this leaflet and you will need to discuss things with the vicar. The easiest way to start arranging a baptism or thanksgiving is to come along to the service on Sunday morning in the church where you’d like the service.

The Church in Wales has some more general information here.


Weddings are an important milestone in your life, when you make a public commitment to another person to be with them and we’d like to help you to prepare for and celebrate your big day.

In order to get married in one of the churches you need to meet certain legal requirements, one of you has to live in the parish (basically have a CF37 postcode) or regularly worship in the parish or have a qualifying connection. You can find some further detail here or talk to one of the vicars to check things through.

The sooner you begin to arrange things the better.

If you need your banns of marriage called for a wedding in another parish please contact the administrator.


The death of a loved one is a difficult time for all involved. We can help you to arrange things with a service in church if that’s what you’d like or we can lead the service in other locations. The first contact is usually an undertaker who will contact all the people needed and help you through the process and give us your details if you’d like us involved.

Please contact one of the vicars if you would like to talk.

You might like to see this page on The Church in Wales website.