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We are always delighted to arrange baptisms or christenings in the benefice. Usually you have to live in Canton to be baptised here.

Baptism (or Christening) is the way that new members of the church are welcomed into the Christian community.  Those who are to be baptised (or their parents and godparents in the case of babies) declare their faith in God and their intention to reject all that is evil in the world. We believe that in baptism God gives a spiritual cleansing, and that the water used in the service represents God’s desire that each person who is baptised gets the most out of life by putting most in.

We look forward to welcoming you to discuss your child’s baptism, or indeed your own baptism.  We will meet with you to make things clearer and explore all the issues with you.  If you would like more details please contact us by sending an email , or by phoning the clergy – click here for details.

More information on Baptism can be found here.