St Catherine’s Hall

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St Catherine’s Hall is next to the church at the Pontcanna end of Kings Road. The hall is used by many different groups as well as by individuals for parties, etc.

To hire the hall please contact Hall Manager for details:


St Catherine's Hall 1Information about the Hall

It is corrugated iron on the outside with a profiled steel roof.  Inside, the walls are wood panelled and painted and it has a wooden floor that is great for dancing.  Not very good heat or noise insulation, but it can get quite warm when full of people.

The main hall is approx 60ft by 20ft (18m x 6m), 10’8” (3.3m) to rafters – roof space above.

It can accommodate around 80 people max. (seated) and around 150 people (standing).

There is a small adjoining room suitable for quiet, non-messy activities.

St Catherine's Hall KitchenThe kitchen has a gas cooker with 6 burners and a large oven, a fridge freezer, crockery, glasses and cutlery for at least 60 servings.

There are two toilets, one suitable for wheelchair users.

There are 8 easy-fold tables 6ft long, several much larger old wooden trestle tables (various sizes), 2 small card tables and one medium sized melamine table.

There are 54 plastic stacking chairs and 20 wood & metal stacking chairs, a few of which may have some rough edges, where the plywood has split.

There are two old, slightly wobbly, wood and metal benches, each seating 4 – 5.

During cooler weather the heating will be pre-set to come on an hour prior to your event, so that the hall is warm when you go in.  It will be set to go off half an hour before the end of your event.

There are strip lights overhead and plenty of power sockets round the walls.

The light switches are to the left of the door as you go in.

There is limited parking in the church grounds, for a maximum of 10 vehicles, but vehicle movement must be allowed for around the church, so no-one gets blocked in and PLEASE DO NOT PARK ON THE GRASS.

There is very limited parking in the nearby streets, but Kings Road itself is heavily parked up during the evenings.

The nearest bus routes are along Cathedral Road and Wyndham Crescent/Romilly Crescent.