The Parish of Chepstow

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Chepstow Parish is in the South East corner of Monmouth Diocese and the county of Monmouthshire. It is situated on the River Wye near to it’s confluence with the River Severn. The Parish has two Churches, St. Mary’s Parish and Priory Church and St. Christopher’s Church in Bulwark.

Following the Norman conquest in 1066, King William granted the Lordship of Striguil (Chepstow) to his second cousin William Fitz Osbern in recognition of his support. Before his death in 1070, William Fitz Osbern had built a castle, and founded a Benedictine priory in Chepstow on the site of the current St. Mary’s Church.

St. Christopher

St Christopher’s Church, Bulwark was built in the 1950s, replacing a tin-roofed building where the congregation had previously worshipped.


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