Patron – The Venerable John Blackburn

The Ven. John Blackburn.
Chaplain General to the Army (Rtr)
C.B. Q.H.C. F.R.S.A. N
B.A. B.Sc.

A small group of Christians is seeking to develp this web site because we are very concerned about the state of the country which is now a pagan state  The group is ecumenical .We hope to renew this site at monthly intervals which may , however , be too ambitious and this may stretch to quarterly.

Our patron is the Very Revd. John Blackburn and our Web Site is hosted by the Church i Wales and is therefore feee from viruses, scams and pop-up advertisments

We shall regularly introduce the content with a short introductory article on the  local history of Risca and its neighbour CrossKeys. The articles will be the work of an authority on  the subject and will treat subjects in a context which has never been widely published.

The second part will be a critical review of the work of the Welsh Assmbly, Caerphilly Borough Council, the local community and larger society.   We view the nation as in serious decline.

If you wish to respond to what you read on this web page, contact: 

30th September 2009