Who was St Mellon?

A very brief description of the life and legends of our Patron Saint

Born: c 229AD in Cardiola, the Latin name for Cardiff, the son of local Welsh nobility. Sent to Rome to accompany the tax due from his province.

Converted to Christianity by Pope Stephen 1, ordained priest and Bishop by Pope Stephen and sent to be the first Bishop of Rouen.

Legend has it that whilst Bishop of Rouen he performed many miracles including an excorcism where he cast out devils in their true form – monkeys!! (St Mellons Church now possesses a beautiful tapestry illustrating this. It was made by pupils from St Mellons Church in Wales School and presented to the Church)

Died 314AD and buried in St Gervais Church, Rouen.

(Thanks to the authors of “Rumney and St Mellons – A History of Two Villages”, pub 2005, for the above)