Holy Baptism – Godparents



To be a
Godparent is an honour and a privilege. Your duties are specifically religious
as implied by the title “God” and the Church asks a number of things of you:


You must believe in God


You must be baptised (christened)


You must help to bring up your
Godchildren in the Christian Faith and we ask you (along with the parents) to:


Make sure that they come to
Church/Sunday School every Sunday; Pray for them; make sure they have a copy of
the Bible; teach them the Lord’s Prayer and the Ten Commandments; make sure
they are taught the Catechism and are brought to the Bishop for Confirmation (we
can help with the last two)


They are some other ways in which
you can help: Visit them regularly; come to see them when they are in eg school
Nativity Plays; give them good Christian presents at Birthday/Christmas eg
Christian DVDs or books with Bible Stories/Stories of the Saints and Christian
Heroes like St Francis or St David