Holy Baptism in the Parish of St Mellons

What we ask of you and what we can offer

Congratulations – when you have a child baptised in church you promise a number of things. In everyday language they mean that:

That you will bring up your child in the Christian Faith.

That you will bring your child to church – either with you or to Sunday School. By this we mean every week as far as possible. Services are: 8.30 – Holy Eucharist; 9.30 – Sunday School; 11.00 – Sung Eucharist

That when your child is old enough you will make sure that he or she is brought to confirmation classes and then to Confirmation with the Bishop. We usually do this at Y7+ and offer Holy Communion, after classes at age 7.

We believe that by Holy Baptism your child will be “born again” into God’s family, the Church. Just as your family want to see your son or daughter we also want to see our children and give them the best we can. We can only do this with your help. If we have your help we can help them grow in the Lord.

During the service the priest will:

Make the sign of the Cross on your child’s forehead as we claim him or her for Christ

Ask you and the Godparents to say that you believe in God the Holy Trinity

Ask you and the Godparents to say, on behalf of your child that he or she believes in God the Holy Trinity

Baptise him or her with water in the name of God the Holy Trinity

Give a lighted candle to your child as a sign of the light of Christ and we ask you to light this on every anniversary of the Baptism.

Godparents – Very important information about Godparents is contained in another article.

Please ring the Vicar on 029 2079 6560 to make arrangements for a visit. 

It is also normal Anglican practice not to baptise children living outside the parish unless there is a good reason and permission is granted from the other Vicar. 

We do not charge a fee for Baptism but if the service takes place at 11am a collection plate will come around and if the service is at 3pm there will be a collection plate at the back. We will invite you to put something in the plate as a means of saying “thank you”.