Mountain Men from …..

A day out in the Eastern Valley

When I was a mere dwt of a thing we used to go on holidays to my dad’s home in Pembrokeshire. People would often ask “Where do you live now Ken?”. He would tell people that we lived in Pontypool (Pont-y-Pwl). Sometimes I would ask him why he told people that we lived in Pontypool as I knew we lived in Griffithstown. He was a bit daft and said that people did not always know where Griffithstown was!!! To me it should have run something like this:

Q: Where is Pontypool?

A: Somewhere near Griffithstown

I expect that David Mundy who hails from Tal-y-Waun felt pretty much the same.

Anyhow, and as it happens, he now attends St Mellons Church, is a member of the PCC BUT best of all he likes walking. One Friday in June we went walking on the mountain above his home in Tal-y-Waun.

As I said earlier when we were mere dwts the Eastern Valley conatined a pretty dirty river (Afon Llwyd) and it lived up to its name. All up the valley there were coal mines and works of various descriptions, disgorging their waste into the river. If you fell in, it was a good idea to go and see the doctor.

What lots of people outside the valleys and a few lazy souls inside didn’t realise was that the top of the mountain was still beautiful and much the same as God had designed it.

Back to the plot – we parked at Tal-y-Waun, raced up a valley known locally as “Target Valley” because the TA used it for shooting

practice and onto the top of the mountain. It was cold enough for snow as you see! There we found a track between Abertilleri and Blaenafon and THE most magnificent view all around. Then we found another track back down past an old disused reservoir (res-uh-voy), umpteen ruined farmhouses and drift mines that David could remember working. The day was finished with a little light refreshment in a hostelry in Garndiffaith.

We had a lovely day out – enjoyed good company, hardly met a soul, but certainly (with the eye of faith) saw the wonder of God’s creation. And were we tired? ………