Cardiff Bay August 2010

Across the Bay and back for fish n chips

On August 10th 14 of us, inc people from other churches went down to Cardiff Bay for an early evening walk across the Barrage. The Met Office had forecast a good day but at 2.30 it was still raining! Thankfully by 6.00 it was sunny and I could rely on shorts and no anorak.

We parked by the Norwegian Church – yet another symbol of Cardiff’s Christian heritage  – and made our way in groups alongside the Bay and over to the Barrage. It was an easy walk and gave a few people ample opportunity to exercise their jaws – or were they discussing Sunday’s sermon? At the Barrage we were lucky to see a very crew move their vessel around to complete a dredging operation in “Sospan Dau”. Here’s two of the pilgrims having a good look.

After a bit of relaxation and jokes about sailors we returned home “by another route” (sound like Matthew?) and watched large and small yachts racing in the Bay. It really was a beautiful evening. Eventually we got back back to the Norwegian Church and thence to Harry Ramsden’s for Fish n Chips (with mushy peas in my case) and jolly good company. 

Yes it was yet another good trip for St Mellons Walkers and a really good way for church people to get together, mix and enjoy themselves. We would heartily recommend this part of our Mission Plan!