A Visitor from the Highveld Day 2


On Sunday, and still with amazing energy, Cynthia went to the Eucharist at St Dyfrig’s and then had a roast lunch in the hall (she doesn’t like red meat).

At 4pm she came to “Songs of Praise” at St Mellons Parish Church. This was a truly ecumenical event with friends from many churches around and tremendous help from St Augustine’s choir. The two choirs sang the South African Anthem – truly lovely music – and interspersed other songs with African music they had learned. I think Cynthia was both pleased and impressed. People from various churches chose their own hymns/songs and said why they were special to them. Cynthia spoke to us towards the end of the service and gave presents from our link parish. Of special delight were two crosses for each parish – one Franciscan and one from St Dunstan’s Cathedral in the Diocese of the Highveld. The Franciscan Cross for St Mellons is now near the altar and, following the tradition of our link parish, the other is taken home by a family week by week as we remember them in our prayers. BUT, for me, best of all was a bubuzela which I have now mastered!!!! Sometimes I blow it at Morning Prayer just to see if God is awake.

Marian – Cynthia – David after Songs of Praise.