A Visitor from the Highveld Days 3&4

Cynthia goes to school

We are indeed fortunate to have two Church in Wales Schools in the parish of St Mellons and they were really excellent places for Cynthia to visit

On Monday 13th Gwen Jones picked up Cynthia and brought her to St Mellons Church in Wales School. I thought she might have been wandering around the school but there she was in the Head’s office talking. When I pointed this out she said “This is what God has made us (women) for”. Well ………. Anyway she came to see a very fine assembly and after break answered questions in Class 4 – Yrs 5&6.

Mrs NJ Price Year 5/6 teacher and Cynthia

On Tuesday it was the turn of Bishop Childs Church in Wales School. Again she heard a very fine assembly and visited all year groups. Here she is with Years 1&2 talking about “the big five”.

All the children in both schools were impressed by Cynthia’s love of the Lord, her ability to speak all 11 languages of South Africa and her intelligence. She is qualified in chemistry but now is an IT specialist in an international firm in Johannesburg. Cynthia too was impressed with the children’s perception and probing questions. I hope the schools can maintain a contact with her and the parish of St Francis.