An e mail from Cynthia

Good afternoon from a very cold Johannesburg.


I am writing to you from my home ward recovering from acute bronchitis. So
glad to hear from you. I was thinking of you as i watched the excellently
organised olympics. Well done to the Great Brits. The opening ceremony was
spectacular- wow.  The GBT is also doing well. How many golds now. You see  SA
had to send all the gold to London, hence only the 3 golds we had to remain
with- ha ha ha. I cant wait to see the grand finale- the closing ceremony.


Few weeks back,  i also enjoyed watching the Queens diamond jubilee
celebrations. It was beautiful to watch the forever majestic Shirley Bassey
performing.- true Welsh talent.


Last week has been the coldest week in SA as far as I can remember. Some
places had snow, but Joburg had a few flakes falling.  The  maximum temperature
recorded was 2degrees. Luckily for me I did not have to go to work as I was
booked off as indicated earlier.


I missed 2 Sundays – last week and 2day but  let me tell you that every
Sunday we pray for St Mellons and St Dyfrigs. I am happy to hear that you do the
same. Today ,  I listened to a church service relayed on the radio from  the
Presbytarian church and guess what, the final hymn sung was my favourite- 
Praise to the Lord the Almighty, the King of Creation. I was so happy, i joined
in the singing even forgot about my painful chest. Tell Shirley and Cher that I
miss that  music sung by the choir and the golden hands playing the organ.


On the 28th of July, we had a fundraising dinner dance. It was a beautiful
evening and the St Francis dance club entertained the guests before opening tne
floor to everyone.  As one of the dancers, I had to show off my skills of the
Tango and the Fox trot- oh twas lovely. Will send you pictures from my other
machine. This one has limited capability. I am heading the Stewardship portfolio
and so have to organise some fundraising events. The next events coming up
are,the Golf day and Global food festival – yummy. Hmn I wonder what my UK team
is going to prepare this year.


Do you have skype. If yes, send me your skype name. Will be nice to chat face
to face sometime.


Feeling a bit drowsy now- the drugs that  I am taking are making me


Let me sign off.


Greetings to everyone  at St Mellons. My love to Shirley, Cher, Gwen and the
children at St Mellons and Bishops Child schools