Mrs Thomas comes to tea

Today (15/5/17) Mrs Thomas came to tea at the Vicarage. Father David was busy polishing the Baptist tea pot from Aunty Katie and was rewarded with a huge hug. Mrs Thomas had vicarage tea (her dad was a Vicar) and a catch up, then went to inspect the garden.


Before Easter Mrs T had given Father David a present from Reception of 4 potatoe growing kits. The old man was thrilled to bits and immediately made Mrs Kellen buy compost from Aldi’s at 99p for 20 litres. “Can’t be bad see”, said Fr David.

He decided to grow the spuds at fortnightly intervals and now the first are full and sprouting and that’s why Mrs Thomas came to inspect. She said that Father David had done very well and taken good account of the lie of the garden etc. Mrs Thomas did not award a “good” or an “excellent”!

Plans are now afoot for Ground Force to visit in June and maybe make some leek and potatoe soup.