Year 6 “design” a Eucharist for the Parish Church

My work with schools and children is exceptionally rewarding, as is my work with teachers. Mrs Armstrong is the Y6 teacher and an exceptionally talented lady.

This term (Spring) Y6 decided they would like to organise their termly eucharist but in church and it would be open to Key Stage 2 (KS2 – Juniors in my day!). Each time we organise a eucharist for the school I spend some time with Y6 talking about:

  • Bible Readings – and thus the theme
  • Songs – dictated by the theme. The children are very quick to learn that you can’t pick any old song
  • Prayers – and these always follow a particular scheme

We decided that we would take the Gospel Reading for our theme which was

John 4:5-42, The Woman at the Well of Samaria. After reading this passage carefully we decided to embark on the theme of EQUALITY – think about it.

As I said earlier it was good to have Mrs Armstrong baby sitting me because she is an IT whiz and we were able to call up the Bible passage, songs etc on a huge all singing, all dancing computer screen just like your tele only better. I must say that I think our children are so fortunate to have such wonderful equipment and talented teachers at their disposal.

School Eucharist 1 22-3-17 (2)

Well the job was done with a fair bit of humour and the great day came on 22nd March,  with yet more IT kit to help us to help make the singing really special. The children and staff were welcomed by the church and refreshments were provided Рorganised by Aunty Mary Girling. Parents and indeed some grandparents came along and for some, along with the guidance/policy of the Bishops, they received Holy Communion for the first time. This really added to the occasion.

I must say the whole morning was excellent and well prepared for. Thank you to everybody who came along with the children and made the morning so good for us. Also thanks to the school photographer Mrs N Thomas.

Thanks to Mrs Thomas here is a lovely photo of Mrs Armstrong and me

“The Happy Couple”

The Happy Couple 22-3-17 (2)