Another 1st for St Mellons Church in Wales School

I say first because I have yet to hear of another faith school in Wales where Y3 and Y4 pupils have presented a Eucharist for the whole school. In this case children aged from 7-9 years of age worked with me and their class teacher, Miss Bridgeman,, to design and present a Eucharist dedicated to Y6, because they are moving on to High School.

In order to achieve this mammoth feat they had to work with me (no mean achievement) and Miss Bridgeman to a very strict theme – “Moving On”: hence the dedication to Y6. Having set them a theme they chose songs; Scripture readings and prayers. I helped with readings and songs but prayers were of their own making entirely AND instead of a New Testament Reading they wrote and performed a rap – with a little professional help from Miss Bridgeman and Mr Williams. Please don’t tell the Liturgical Commission of the Church in Wales! It was fantastic (not an understatement), in fact so fantastic that I was moving around and Mr Carey was smiling o glust i glust (from ear to ear) and we had a repetition at the end.

The photo shows me strutting my stuff with Class 3 at the end and somewhere there must be a photo which includes Miss Bridgeman and Mrs Marchesi, the HT.

Well done the Class 3 geniuses – genii – and thank you to Mrs Marchesi and Miss Bridgeman for allowing me to work with their wonderful children. Without these ladies events like this would not happen.