Class 3 Celebrate St Benedict of Monte Cassino

class 3 eucharist 2017

On July 11th the school celebrated the Feast of St Benedict of Monte Cassino ( 480 – 550 ) with a school family eucharist. .

It was Class 3’s turn to “design” the eucharist but first we spent we spent quite some time learning what it was like to be a monk and there were some laughs and some surprises. When we had learned about monasticism and St Benedict we thought about songs; readings and prayers. All these had to be relevant to the theme of St Benedict. Now I would like you to remember that these children are 7-9 years of age and represented a profound depth of theological thinking that my college tutors would be proud of.

One of the things we learned was that Benedict wrote a “rule” to help his monks. It was a very long book and I imagine some of the monks falling asleep reading it! Well we decided to read chapter 11 on July 11th and this was about monks not owning anything of their own. This was difficult for us but we felt that it was a good Christian lesson.

On the day many mums and dads turned up and friends of the school. It’s that kind of place. Thank you mums and dads, friends, Mrs Marchesi, Mrs Brana and especially the children.