Class 3 Present a Eucharist dedicated to Y6

Class 3 are a joint class of Ys 3&4 ie 7 – 9 years of age. These clever young people have been working with me and their class teacher, Mr Williams, to present a eucharist dedicated especially to Y6. It is a sad fact of life that Y6 will move on to High School, but we believe that they will take all the Christian values they have learned here and live them in High School.

It was a great pleasure to work with them on two Monday mornings and indeed to be able to laugh with them as well.

I asked them to think of the theme “Moving On” and to look at four areas in order to express that theme:

Music/Bible Readings/Poetry and Prayer. In each case they had to justify to me why they chosen eg a song. In some cases we even had a vote and everyone had to accept the majority choice – good life lesson there! I expected them to research and find a poem but indeed they wrote a magnificent poem of their own.

Mums and Dads you have good cause to be proud of your children and of such a magnificent school that gives them the tools to cope with a task that many adults couldn’t manage.

Here is a happy photo of everyone after the eucharist:

Many thanks,