Class 4 Celebrate a Eucharist for St Mellonius

We do have some wonderfully imaginative children and teachers in our school and everyone should be proud of them.

I originally talked to Mrs Kupe, the class teacher and our deputy head, about celebrating St Mellonius on his Feast Day of October 22nd but from then on it gathered a momentum all of its own. Mrs Kupe suggested the use of drama in our eucharist and I so wished that many other people could have seen it. The drama was a spoken narrative with mime from the whole class. It portrayed the life and times of our patron saint and I believe they had little help (certainly I didn’t see it until the day) They were FAB – U – LUSS darling.

I spent some time with them in the classroom, making them justify their choices, but they were the brains behind it and really I didn’t have to worry. It flowed like water running downhill. I shouldn’t star any items but the prayers were fantastic and I learned new words like “Omniscient” and “Omnipotent”.

We also had the pleasure of visitors from Romania whose English was nigh on perfect and they were such nice ladies. I even learned a word of Romanian. They were from the Romanian Orthodox Church and it was a pleasure to receive Holy Communion with them.

Thank you children and staff, especially Mrs Kupe for allowing me in to Class 4 and keeping an eye on me. Thank you parents; governors and parishioners for coming to support your children. It means so much and really does improve the quality of education.

Children I wish I could take you to teach some of our adults.