Class 4 learns about signs and symbols

On October 4th Mrs Vaughan brought her Class 4 to our classroom – the parish church to learn about signs and symbols. What is the difference I wonder? Well a very poor attempt is to say that the word sign comes from the latin “signum”¬†and is meant to point you in the direction of something. eg Making the sign of the Cross is not the Cross but points you in that direction. Symbols are somewhat more ethereal¬† our font has 8 sides and is symbolic of the week and back to the first day again. In truth there is little between it .

Anyhow the children were both excited and respectful and learned a lot.

Here are some of them learning about candles and light in the church. Is this a sign of the light of Christ or a symbol?

They also learned about colour through vestments and altar frontals. Of course we had dressing up time and Mrs V said that in all the time she had been in the school I had never asked her to dress up. Sorry, you’ll just have to become a Vicar. Well here she is and what a pity we can’t get a close up because she is grinning from ear to ear.

The children also found artefacts like our crosses and windows very interesting and asked umpteen questions. Oh for more enquiring minds among adults. So then would you say that stained glass windows are signs or symbols? They certainly are iconic.

Well done Mrs Vaughan in leading your children in the right direction and giving them enquiring minds, rather than straightforward answers. Congratulations on your appointment to Bishop Childs CW but I shall certainly miss your good humour and personal help.