Class 4 plan yet another successful service

April 3rd 2017

Eucharist Spring Term 2017 (2)


Congratulations to Class 4 and Mrs Vaughan for organising yet another successful end of term Eucharist. I say Class 4, because they were the driving force.

However, thanks to Mrs Marchesi and her team, it  was whole school effort. All classes contributed to the worship, from the tiniest Reception child to the oldest Y6.

At that time of year we normally think of an Easter service in church but Class 4 took my advice and planned for a Passiontide service with thoughts of Easter. They took the point well that you cannot have Easter, without the Passion and suffering of Jesus.

It was also a lovely occasion because 8 children  permission from their parents to receive Holy Communion, as per the guidance of the Bench of Bishops.

Above is a photo of Class 4 with Fr David, courtesy of Mrs R Vaughan, the class teacher. Thanks