Harvest in St Mellons Church in Wales School AND the Parish Church

I am most dreadfully sorry that I have not reported on harvest celebrations until now, but the truth is that I have been very busy – no Vicar jokes please!

St Mellons CW School and the Parish Church celebrated Harvest the same weekend. The school celebrated on Friday 21st and the Church on Sunday 23rd. I was so entranced and sitting in the wrong place that I did not get any photos of the school celebrations. However they sang some of their songs a week later when they raised money for MacMillans Cancer Care. Here is a photo of Reception and Class 2 strutting their stuff.

Children I apologise for the quality of the picture but you were wonderful and so happy AND Reception children you had only with us for three weeks. Ardderchog!

The children’s harvest presents were donated to the Cardiff Foodbank and as Mrs Marchesi explained some people can’t go to the cashpoint if they don’t have money. Sadly they have to go the Foodbank for food, where they are entirely dependant on kind children like ours. (I was tempted by a tin of mushy peas and in my mind could see fish, chips and mushy peas!)

Here are Class 4 doing their song very enthusiastically

Finally I must apologise to Mr Williams and Class 3 and Mr Williams’ guitar skills. They were so marvellous and full of choruses (Welsh and English) that I neglected to take a photo, but methinks they’ll all go far.

SO ladies and gents in less than a week our wonderful children kindly gave things away and raised money for cancer just by praising God and having fun. Congratulations

The Parish Church was decorated beautifully on the 22nd September by Mrs Gwen Jones and her team. In fact it was so lovely that many people thought we’d had a wedding! Like the school we decided to give our gifts to the Cardiff Foodbank and we managed to fill one choir pew and more! Laraine tells me that you donated 106.8 kg or 235.45 lbs of gifts. Well done – you are very kind people. The Sunday School mums and children helped the service with readings and songs. Joanne also went the extra mile with me by doing Strictly Come Dancing and we finished with coffee and good fellowship.

Sadly again I forgot my photos so if anyone has one or please tell me.

I must now tell you all that you were “fab-u-luss”