St Mellons Church in Wales School celebrate Passiontide and Easter


On Friday 5th April 2019 St Mellons Church in Wales School came to church to celebrate Passiontide and Easter. The children did a very effective job of leading us from the rigours of Holy Week to the glory of the Resurrection.

We began naturally with Palm Sunday and Reception/Y1 who sang a song called, “We have a king who rides a donkey” and of course the chorus tells us at the end of each verse that, “He’s not dead, he is alive again”.

There were Bible readings, very professionally undertaken and two were in Welsh:

“Plant yn y deml – Children in the Temple” and

“Y Bedd Gwag – The Empty Grave”

These were both well read by children whose first language is English.

It was lovely to see Mr Meurig Thomas with us and Mr Gary Twell, our new Chair of Governors gave a short speech at the end. Thank you children for bringing your parents and grandparents and filling St Mellons Church.