Talent at the Welsh National Opera

On June 30th Mr & Mrs Vicar took a trip down to Cardiff Bay courtesy of Mrs Marchesi and Class 4. First of we caught the pensioners bus to town and then the bay train (tren y bae) to Cardiff Bay and the Opera House.

Bay Train

The purpose of the visit was, of course, to witness our wonderful children and their tutors from the WNO giving a mini concert at the Glanfa Stage. They joined with another school from St Mellons – Willowbrook – where Mrs Marchesi was the Deputy before coming to us. They sang songs about a pig, the war (Meurig Thomas couldn’t remember which war) and someone called Aitken Drum who I remembered from my school days.

The Singers 1

My but they were good and isn’t excellent that our small school can provide such wonderful opportunities. They were so good I wanted to sing with them – maybe the Gendarmes Song, but Mrs Vicar said it sounded so much better in the bath. Hmmm.

The Singers 2