Worship in our School


I must apologise to everyone for not having made any entries for a while.

Worship is real adventure and I hope exciting in our school family. Certainly it’s exciting and a privilege for me to be part of the set up and to learn so much from the children.

One of the great excitements of recent years and certainly since our successful inspection of 2016 has been the termly Monday worship offered by the Worship Group, supervised by our RE co-ordinator, Mrs Church. Most of the children are quite young but quite capable as well. Their use of information technology and the English language, crafted together into an act of worship is a delight to behold. They certainly draw me closer to the Lord.

On Monday March 11th Class 4 helped us to celebrate a Family Eucharist and instead of prayers helped us to look at Lenten traditions and customs ie,

Shrove Tuesday

Ash Wednesday


Palm Sunday

The total presentation was brilliant and I believe their parents were pleased to see them. I only wish more church people would come along. Current educational thinking from Professor Graham Donaldson is that we should be preparing our children for a world we presently do not know anything about. Well certainly and albeit historically Class 4 led us into a world most people knew little about. Did you know that to “shrive” (from Shrove Tuesday) meant to make confession,in this case before Lent began?

Well Class 4 and Mrs Kupe. Your choice of Bible Readings; Music and Presentations was “lush”.

PS I hope I can get a photo to go with this article soon.