Your Bells Need You!

The Bell Tower

“When e’er the sweet church – bell peals over hill dell

May Jesus Christ be Praised – O hark to what it sings

As joyously it rings – May Jesus Christ be praised”


So the ringing of church bells is a call to prayer and –

“St Mellons Belltower is looking for new ringers. If you are 10 years and above, and fit enough to climb the stairs from the Vestry to the Ringing Chamber, available to ring at the Tower Practice from 7.30 to 9pm every Friday, we would love to hear from you.  When you are able to ring to a reasonable level, we would like you to ring before the 11am Sunday Service and be available to ring for weddings.  (You get paid for ringing at weddings!). If you are interested, please speak to David or Jen Mundy.

It is a good way of getting to know new people, learn a new skill, and the social life is good!  If you are an adult, then we tend to adjourn to the Coach House after the practice, and if you are a youngster, then there are opportunities to ring at other churches with other youngsters who are also learning to ring.  For all ages there is the opportunity to ring at other towers for training sessions, or go on a day trip visiting other towers in various parts of the country.”

Quarter Peal Ringers 8th October 2016


Here are our local ringers and Ian Hartfield’s father. On 8th October they rang rang a Quarter Peal to celebrate Emily Hartfield’s birth and my 40th Anniversary of Priesting. Thank You