Churchyard Survey 10/6/2014

During a survey of tombs/monuments 100_2546on the above date the following were found to need attention:

Area A

B12 David Monk – needs laying flat for safety

B8  Beatrice Saunders – laid flat for safety


Area C

33 Philip John Yorath – needs attention

1   Ivor Gilbert Davies – laid flat for safety

19 Ernest Hillman – needs laying flat

Area D

Myfanwy Ree – needs laying flat

Area E

98 Eli & Laura Evans – slight movement

73 Charles Rowland – cross needs laying flat

A notice will be placed will be placed at either end of the churchyard giving notice that the above work needs doing. The PCC will give until the end of October for families to notify that they will undertake remedial work. After that the PCC will undertake the work.